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In June 2015, AHC Glass was recognized by Glass Magazine as the 44th largest Glazing Contractor in the Nation.

Our Services

AHC Glass has been providing design, fabrication and installation services to the San Francisco Greater Bay Area construction industry since 1999, serving the San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento and Santa Rosa areas.

In addition to our trained and experienced design and installation staff, we are proud to have our own state-of-the-art fabrication facility. Using our fully automated workflow, we are able to produce customized architectural metal, glass and door systems quickly and expertly for any size or type of construction project.

We understand that sometimes the best and most cost-efficient method of installation is to use standard components. AHC is staffed, trained and equipped to install standard components from any glazing industry manufacturer in precise conformance with both project specification and manufacturer requirements.

AHC Glass is a trusted and respected leader among San Francisco Bay Area glazing contractors. Our custom design and manufacturing capabilities, expert installation and cooperative approach make AHC Glass the preferred choice for architects, construction managers and general contractors across the State of California. With every project we undertake, our commitment is to deliver a beautiful, successful and safe project that brings distinction to both the project owner and the integrated construction team that built it.

window systems

Unitized Window Wall Systems

AHC Glass has extensive experience and skill designing, fabricating and installing unitized window wall systems. We can custom design and fabricate to suit or use materials from any major manufacturer.

curtain wall systems

Curtain Wall Systems

AHC Glass offers custom design, manufacturing, value-engineering and installation services for both custom and standard curtain wall systems.

window systems

Window Systems

AHC Glass designs and manufactures its own high quality, customized window systems for many of our projects. In addition to custom systems, AHC is fully staffed, trained and equipped to efficiently and safely install any commercially available window systems. We also work directly with all the major window manufacturers.

structural systems

Structural Systems

AHC Glass expertly designs, manufactures and installs structural systems. AHC is able to provide value from initial consultation during the earliest stages of a project’s design process through manufacturing and installation. AHC Glass will provide the expertise needed to create beautiful, safe and cost-effective structural systems that allow any project’s façade to become a reality.

storefront systems

Storefront Systems

The design, integration and installation of complete storefront and entrance systems is an AHC Glass specialty. We have successfully installed a huge variety of storefront framing and door systems across the San Francisco Bay Area.

canopy systems

Canopy Systems

We design, manufacture and install all types of canopy and walkway systems. AHC Glass installs pre-manufactured systems as well as custom designed curved, flat or tiered systems that are the perfect complement to any project.



Sunshades are one way to improve energy savings with smart design. Sunshades save energy while enhancing the comfort and productivity of building occupants. AHC Glass is highly skilled in the installation of sunshade systems.

door hardware

Door & Door Hardware

It takes experience and design skill to know which door and door hardware is right for your project. At AHC Glass, we understand that the entry to a building says a lot about what lies inside. We will gladly provide our expertise and experience to assist you in choosing a durable, functional entry with the style and elegance required to make the right impression.



We will install any product or material cladding with great precision and care. AHC Glass is known for creating an installing building envelopes that are correct the first time, every time. We take great pride in installing building cladding properly, efficiently and safely.

slope glazing

Slope Glazing

Bringing natural light into a building with skylights not only is environmentally smart, it brings drama and visual interest to the space. AHC Glass understands the thermal, moisture, visual and sound issues surrounding sloped glazing and always provides amazing finished results.

service & maintenance

Service & Maintenance

With decades of expertise and untold numbers of projects designed, manufactured and installed, AHC Glass is the Bay Area’s glazing service & maintenance experts, merging decades of expertise with the successful design, installation and manufacture of quality glazing components. We offer both one-time and ongoing services to repair and maintain any type of entry, glazing or architectural metal need your facility may have.

value engineering image needed

Value Engineering

AHC Glass can evaluate your design, materials and installation plans to help you save money without compromising design intent and performance. Our clients rely on our expertise to ensure that projects meet budgetary, quality and durability requirements.

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